About Us

BSA Troop 544 serves BSA Scouts in grades 5 through age 18.  We are currently meeting at Lakeview Technology Academy on Tuesday nights at 7:00 PM.  Here's our regular monthly schedule:

Troop 544 also hosts weekend campouts, service projects, and other Troop outings on the weekends.  Some of our activities include:

What makes Troop 544 so special?  We've got a dedicated group of adult leaders and parents who make sure that Scouting is a rewarding experience for our youth.  Youth Leaders meet monthly to plan outings and advancement opportunities for the Scouts, and Troop Leaders meet monthly to ensure our Troop continues to adhere to the aims and methods of scouting and that the outings and opportunities planned by the Youth Leaders are able to be supported through the fundraising efforts of the Troop.

Troop 544 participates in the BSA popcorn and wreath sale each fall, and in other fundraising opportunities as needed to support the Troop budget.